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Approved Catering Only Accepts the Substitute W-9 Form


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Effective immediately, the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 form must be submitted to process a payment to any new domestic vendor/payee. Mason is no longer able to process eVA vendor registrations or payments when the Federal W-9 form is submitted.

The Commonwealth of Virginia, of which Mason is an agency, has transitioned from accepting the Federal W-9 form to the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form. The Virginia Substitute W-9 Form, while similar to the previous Federal version, has several additional fields which enable both the Commonwealth and Mason to gather important information at the time of vendor registration. The current form is located at

Please note that the Commonwealth will not allow Mason to accept the older version of the form for domestic vendors. International vendors should continue to use the existing W-8BEN. Please replace any versions of Federal W-9 form that you have saved locally with the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 form. We recognize that the change may be challenging for some vendors and appreciate your assistance in implementing this requirement.

Should you have any questions please contact the eVA team at extension 3-2580.