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Use an Approved Caterer




Using an Approved Caterer for events at Mason is important to ensure the health and safety of all.  Ensuring our caterers are appropriately compensated for their work is also important.

To Use an Approved Caterer Take the Following Steps:

 1. Ensure your preferred caterer is a Mason approved caterer.
Check the current list of Mason Approved Caterers. If your preferred caterer is on the list, go to step 2.  If they are not on the list you have two options:
Option 1. Utilize the services of an Approved Caterer already on the list.
Option 2. Encourage your preferred caterer to go through the Approved Caterer process.  Note this process may take up to two weeks.  If your event is less then two weeks away, please consider option 1.
2. Complete Fiscal Services’ Food and Beverage process outlined here.
If you chose to use Mason’s on-campus caterer, Sodexo, please follow the process outlined here.